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Close-up on broken fortune cookie with NAU fortune. Fortune says "Did you know? NAU has 20+ statewide campuses across Arizona and options online."

Northern Arizona University: Crafting Futures One Fortune at a Time.

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Northern Arizona University approached us with a challenge: How can we engage potential students and parents while they are already thinking about future decisions?

Enter the OpenFortune method. Over the course of two years we rolled out a staggering 2 million fortune cookies to thousands of restaurant and takeout bags in the sizzling state of Arizona.

This collaboration illuminated OpenFortune's specialty – it's not just about dishing out cookies, but crafting messages that enlighten and inspire action. With NAU, we didn't just predict a fortune. We fostered a conversation around the value of quality education at a time when families are thinking the about the potential of a brighter future.

Fortune cookies or Digital cookies?  We'll leave this choice up to you.