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We transformed the fortune cookie into the ad world's best kept secret.

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Curious about our recipe for success? Unwrap a case study below.

Enough case studies? Let's keep it rolling.
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Our cookies reach pretty much everyone...

...through our partnerships with 47,000 restaurants across 99% of zip codes.

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  • Gen Z — 25%

  • Millenial — 45%

  • Boomer — 30%


  • Restaurant — 10

  • Delivery — 2

  • We're not just tossing cookies into the wind. We're delivering your message where it matters to you. Let's light up the map together. 

  • From the swanky vibes of TAO to that questionable buffet (you know the one), our reach spans every nook, cranny & dining table – and everyone who eats there.

  • OpenFortune ensures your brand's presence is felt. Whether its nestled alongside a diner's main course or snuck into a takeout bag. And here's the kicker: we're not just reaching them – we're making it into their homes.

“But how do you measure success?”

  • Teaming up with Glickman Research© & Nielsen© , we survey real people in restaurants munching on your cookies. Get solid insights tailored to fit those big marketing dreams of yours.

  • Just so you know, we'll keep dropping you updates and deep dives into the data. You'll never miss a beat!

  • Want a QR code in your cookies? We got you. We handle it all and let you know how often and where it's getting scanned.

  • Want to know when your campaign gets posted on social? We're on it daily, watching and listening in real-time.

  • Got some wild creative ideas? Let's bring them to life! But hey, if you also wanna play it safe and keep the big boss happy, we can A/B test and find that sweet spot for your marketing objectives

This is the part of the website where we let others tell you how great we are.

  • "OpenFortune has been instrumental in allowing us to reach audiences in markets that have been traditionally challenging for our brand in a memorable way that surprises and delights."

    Josh Fajardo, Director of Brand Marketing
  • "I found a company that has an idea, that is so crazy, it just might work. And it starts with something you have seen and probably eaten, many many times."

    Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief
  • "I invested in OpenFortune because it just made complete sense to me. I believe in the idea and believe in the co-founders' ability to execute – that made me go all in"

    Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO
  • "Aligning with an asset that is often viewed as a unique predictor of financial wealth and happiness is an exciting way for us to continue to shed light on the financial possibilities a filer’s tax return can create for them."

    Curtis Campbell, President
  • "I knew of OpenFortune and its revolutionary idea of marketing. It seemed like an out-of-box idea to me. It checked all the boxes. It's so smart, I don't know how we didn't think about this sooner."

    Kelly Clark, Director of Global Affairs

    Sylvester Stallone, Investor in OpenFortune

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Short answer, yes. Long answer, we've got more restaurants in our arsenal than the number of McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, and KFC combined. And no, we don't dabble in the metaverse - we like our cookies tasty, relatable, and far from virtual.

Absolutely! Our cookies are placed into Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Seamless, our OpenFortune cookies are the undercover stars of the show. Picture us as the ad world's craftiest Trojan horse in advertising, sliding in with flair, brand messaging, and a fortune in every delivery bag.

Look no further: we've got a squad of creatives who are masters at ensuring both the fortune's flip side and the message itself nail your brand's tone just right. But hey, collaboration's the name of our game. You can lean on us completely, bring your own creative wizards into the mix, or somewhere in between.

For the best results, a 4-week lead time is our usual rhythm. It lets us perfectly bake in all the magic, ensuring everything's golden and on point.

Fortune cookies or Digital cookies?  We'll leave this choice up to you.